is it realy so wrong to rest your pinky on the body of the guitar to use as a reference, then just use the rest of your fingers to pluck the strings when fingerpicking? I play loads of songs that why cause i find it easier to do. But it depends on the song else i do it the "normal" way.

Is there realy a right and a wrong why when it comes to things like these?

Peace and love!
There's a better way and a not as good way. Anchoring will eventually begin to limit your playing. While it's not wrong, per say, I'd stop doing it now and learn to play every thing without the anchor.
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Some snobbish bastards may say it's wrong and so on, but as long as you get the job done and the guitar sounds like you want it to sound, you can play it upside down for all I care
I think it's pretty much preference, but having an extra finger to fingerpick with can be nice.
When anchoring you have 4, but when picking in a regular manner you have 5.
it'll slow you down if you want to play really fast, but any way you play that doesn't cause you discomfort is fine. there's no guitar police
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I think it's pretty much preference, but having an extra finger to fingerpick with can be nice.
When anchoring you have 4, but when picking in a regular manner you have 5.

Conventional classical guitar style doesn't employ the pinky on the picking hand anyway. Neither does the "standard" hybrid picking style. Not saying you shouldn't, just saying it isn't normally taught. Just these guys T,I, M, & R. Flamenco styles however, do work the pinky into finger rolling techniques.
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You sure about that?
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ah okay, tnx for the replies! apreciate it! this is something that has bothered me since i started playing a long time ago
Some folk fingerpickers anchor their pinky to get a better attack on the strings, especially with "clawhammer"-style picking.

If you aren't doing that style of guitar work, it is probably best not to anchor the pinky.
I went to a workshop with one of Swedens finest fingerstyle guitarists, Emil Ernebro, and he said that he for years tried to learn how to anchor his pinky just because his heroes (Tommy Emmanuel, Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins etc) did so. He eventually saw another great figerpicker who didn't do so and then felt like it probably was best to play the way he felt most comfortable with. But by anchoring, you're hindering sound to get out from the sound hole, but that doesn't really matter if you play with an internal pickup.
Just play however the hell you're comfortable. As long as you get the sound you want its fine but just for future reference, anchoring will slow you down.
I'm not sure about that it will slow you down... What speeds are you talking about? This speed is more than enough for most players and he's anchoring http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5m3hgylfhY

The thing I don't like about anchoring is that it's hindering the use of my ring finger and removing some of the sound coming from the body.

and i say do whatever you want... if its comfortable, then its the "right" way to play.
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