Looking around my local classifieds, trying to decide between two guitars:

There is an old 1990 Japan made RG550, maple fretboard with an F1/C1/F2 setup


An RG 2620, rosewood with DiMarzio Tone Zone/Air Norton setup

both are mint

Any Ibanez buffs out there wanna chime in and help me decide?
What do you play? strictly metal I'd say go with the RG550 it's got the look and such if you have horizon the 2620, dimarzio make fantastic pickups aswell.

Do you actually need a Floyd rose?
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Need? No.. Like to have and play with them while I'm messing around? Sure!

I've never played extensively with either bridge, but I'm assuming the 2620's is better?
correct, I understand the attraction its just if you don't need a Floyd Rose there a ot of effort and hassle for not much gain, but that's just my opinion. I'd go with the 2620 everyday of the week.
I'd go with the 2620. The AANJ rules :P

A 1994 rg550 with the lo-pro edge and AANJ would be pretty sweet. Purple Neon color too!
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