i just bought a brand new ibanez rg370dx and got it setup. however whenever i use the whammy bar or move the floating trem i hear a squeaky noise? is this and issue? or is this because the guitar is new and its the sound of the springs?
Depends on where the "squeaky noise" is coming from.

If it is towards the headstock, I'd say the strings are slipping or slipping through the locknut.
Otherwise, I'd say it's most likely the springs. How many springs are in the back? Do they look relatively new or old?

Over time the springs tend to degrade in colour and become a little stiff if not always stretched and used. Someone else can try and chip in some advice too...
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It may be the saddles, they're cheap metals on those trems, they can slip in and out of the grooves.
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Get some powdered graphite and apply it to all areas where strings slide through and trem pivots and springs, like nut grooves, string saddles, trem spring anchors,etc, etc.
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