Here's what to do if you want to participate!

1. Ask for a spot in this thread.
2. Make an account on 8tracks. (You'll be on the site to listen)
3. Make a playlist of music (can be non-hardcore/punk) of at least 8 songs on the site, and please try to keep it not too long, over an hour might be where you may want to chop it up a bit.
4. Make the thread when it's your turn!


Here's a bunch of emotional songs about girls. I had a theme going, but then I kinda lost track. I tried adding some stuff you guys might not be familiar with, but I'm sure I failed at that. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy!

1. Words Of Wisom - Hoodie Allen
2. The Story So Far - Wrightsvile Beach (A Loss For Words Cover)
3. Fall Out Boy - Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things to do Today
4. Bomb the Music Industry! - I Don't Love You Anymore
5. The Specials - Little Bitch
6. Transit - Return Address
7. Handguns - I Hope He Kills You
8. You Me And Everyone We Know - There Was a Thump
9. Grown Ups - Three Day Weekend
10. Living With Lions - Honesty, Honestly
11. The World Is A Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die- Victim Kin Seek Suit

Upcoming Mixes:

3/25 - DJ B-P 'n' da HEE-Z
4/1 - Pandy
4/8 - Geoff
4/15 - Sean
4/22 - Hayden
4/29 - Ian
5/6 - SeveredSurvival (BOYAN DA BOY WONDA)
5/13 - Mike
5/20 - Other Jay
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Also I listened to it, had to skip BtMI! cause they annoy me mostly, but good playlist overall.
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