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An activist
3 2%
A dissident
53 39%
73 54%
Common people
7 5%
Voters: 136.
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In old soviet you pretty much had these four categories of people. Depending on your attitude towards the political discourse you could end up in one of the categories. Reading through the descriptions below, which category do you fit into? How is your attitude towards the current political discourse/ideology/state in your country/region/globally?

Activists are the people who are more or less pro-goverment and might be promoting it in some way, maybe as a job or on their spare time. They want to make people enthustiatic about work or the party, or just raise awareness for the two. They sit at the party meetings (not neccessarily participating actively) and might appoint themselves tasks like collecting the membership fees for the party. They want to expose corrupt officials by exposing those who take bribes, etc.

Dissidents are the people who aren't pro-goverments. They might protest the political discourse, loudly or silently, verbally or not. They don't go along the flow without making noise, sometimes they go against it completely, like not paying the membership for the party they're in (in soviet being in a party wasn't exactly that voluntary, and the membership fee certainly wasn't voluntary).

Svoi means "us/ours" or "those within our circle". These were the people who knew things were out of order or stupid, but didn't really want to kick up a fuss about it. They just wanted to pass through unnoticed so they could carry on with their lives, or to not cause troubles for others. For example, paying the fees for the political party was considered very unnecessary by most people, but they paid anyway just to not make a fuss, or so that the person collecting these fees wouldn't get into trouble (especially if that person was another svoi).

Common people are everyone else. Usually not very interested in politics and just do what they're told. They generally don't - unlike svoi - find many faults within the political structures, they don't give things a second thought.
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I pressed common but I meant svoi.
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Somewhere between dissident and svoi
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I had to put myself down as a Svoi. I'm quite interested in politics but I don't consider it my call to promote my political views or act zelaously about things. I might not agree with my country's politics but I'm not protesting things all the time either. I just let things pass so I can get along with my own stuff. I'm kind of dissident but I'm slightly more svoi I think.

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Dissident yo. \m/ \m/

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Dissident. Yesterday, I had to run round a line of riot police to avoid getting kettled.

Dissident, mixed with a little Svoi.

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Dissident. Yesterday, I had to run round a line of riot police to avoid getting kettled.

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dissident and a bit svoi.
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Dissident, mixed with a little Svoi.

Probably this.
While in the past, I worked as a Correctional Officer (Prison Guard), I tend to have a problem with authority.
Especially with bosses that like to micro-manage. "Just leave me the fuck alone and let me do my job."
Svoi I guess. I think that my country's politicians are mostly arseholes and idiots, but I ain't gonna do shit beyond shouting at the TV.
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Dissident, occasionally leaning towards svoi.
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Definitely a dissident. I refuse to take things that are forced upon me.
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Some of both Svoi and Dissident. I have my criticisms and I'm not afraid to voice them, but I'm fairly moderate and pragmatic when it comes to action.
Dissident. LIKE A BOSS
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I gotta be honest, I expected atleast one activist
svoi. i know what's right and wrong, but idgaf. i can't bring myself to get mad over politics, or anything for that matter.
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Common person. I really don't want to politics.
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I gotta be honest, I expected atleast one activist

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I put a ton of my capital into SW Airlines... The next day, THE NEXT DAY these nutters fly into the WTC. What the hell? Apparently no one wanted to fly anymore, and I was like "What gives? God damnit Osama, let me win a fuggin' game!"
Svoi, but its more that I don't think my bitching will make a difference, rather than not wanting to cause a fuss. Though I'm not dissatisfied enough to be a dissident.
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Probably svoi. Dissidents are the ones that get shot, and I can't say the idea resonates with me.
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I hate politics, and I loathe the bunch of morons in every major political party in this country.
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Look at the number of us who are against the current system. We should like totally consider an armed revolution.
I'm pro-government when the government is right and anti-government when the government is wrong.
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