so im strictly looking for personal opinion here;

For the past few months i have been saving for an Orange thunderverb 50 and am 2/3 of the way there. Today i saw a marshall jcm 2000 tsl100 on craigslist going for 675obo....i think i may hit the guy up just because the marshall will pretty much do exactly what i want the orange to do. i play a lot of metal and in drop tunings so i want a british toned amp with multiple channels and eqs...both amps have that. the marshall is a steal tho and id have plenty of money left over.

what is your take? i already emailed the marshall guy seeing if hed take 650.
Each have their own sound, I was recently stuck between a Marshall JCM and an Orange as well. After playing both I realized I enjoyed the Orange's tone MUCH more. Also the Orange has a much superior clean tone imo. Play both and let your ears decide, not your wallet
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I like the tone of both. Some of my biggest influences use both amps as well. Super hard decision. The Marshall won't be on Craigslist for long at that price either.