It sounds alright dude, but it is really quiet. My speakers were turned up to eleven and i could barely make it out. The guitar work sounds pretty good, the chords could've included some higher notes, just to expand the sound and add those extra voicings of the notes. Vocally its pretty good, some minor pitch errors but nothing major. It sounds pretty good overall. Depressing, but good. :P

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Thanks! yeah i know i gotta pick myself off my feet haha. And people have had problems hearing my music from a ladptop, not sure why. Is that what your listening from? if so i gotta work on fixing that. Could also be the way i mixed it, but it sounds fine on my desktop, thanks again and ill check yours out when i get home
Ah man I'm really liking that. Love the flow where is slows down, then picks up, the strumming. Keep it up.
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Honestly doubt listening from a laptop has anything to do with the volume, but the sound is real low and I have my volume up a lot. I really like this song. You've got a great voice. Is this a one-shot? I think it could have been mixed better, but it's still good as is. Lots of personality flows out of the music. I love this quite a bit. Nice guitar tone too. Good choice of chords. Keep it up. I'd really like to hear this recorded better.

Crit for crit?
I'm guessing that this was all done in one take. The quality isn't all that great, I can hear artifacts from a denoiser, so I'll go purely from the musical standpoint.

I like the guitar single-notes during the verses, its cool and the sparseness of notes really helps build the choruses. I'd like to hear this with a complete arrangement, I feel like it would be a pretty interesting song. Your voice is pretty good, but I can feel a lot of restraint in it. Some wrong notes, but thats to be expected when you're not multi-tracking or comping takes.

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thanks! yeah it was one take, from a rockband mic too so i know what your saying by backround noise. ill check yours out!