So the back story to the new pups is that I had my Washburn x50, that came with the EMG 81/85 combo for about two years. For the past year I have absolutely hated them and have been saving and researching what to replace them with.

I stumbled upon MadHouse Design and after emailing back and forth with Rayne, I decided to go with a pair of his "Walters". The bridge is pretty hot at 17.6k and I think the neck was around 7.9k, both pickups have ceramic A8 magnets. I wanted the chug that the EMGs were suppossed to give me but without the hollow, thin, lifeless sound that they were giving me and these pickups certainly deliver. I have had the pickups for about a month now. I wanted to really play them and hear everything they had to offer before posting about them.

Prior to installing these, I basically treated this guitar as a one pickup instrument. I hated the sound of the 85 in the neck and the middle position was just as bad or worse. The Walters sound amazing in all three positions. The neck is nice and fat and full of bass without any hint of mud or boominess. The combination of the neck and bridge just sounds amazing, adding the intense bass of the neck with the agression of the bridge without sounding off. I don't know why, but the middle position on most guitars that I have played just doesn't sound right to me for some reason.

The pickups are extemely articulate and clear. I know people say that articulate and clear pickups highlight bad technique, but I actually found that many things that I play and thought was just bad technique actually sound good. They have shed some light on some of my bad techinique, but that can be fixed with practice. It's frustrating to think you can't get something down no matter how much you play it and then change pickups and find out that you had it all a long, it was just shitty pickups that weren't letting it come through.

The pickups don't feedback at all, no matter how much I have the gain turned up and no matter how close to the amp I am standing. There is no volume drop between the bridge, bridge/neck and neck.

Plugged staight into my Blackheart Handsome Devil I can get some pretty kickin rock and blues tones. I rarely ever played the EMG's plugged straight into the amp without somesort of extra gain on because they sounded terrible. The Walters sound amazing through my signa drive, LSTR fuzz and absolutely scream with my Triple Wreck engaged. The pickups have a good strong midrange on thier own and I can crank the hell out of the mids on my amp and pedals without getting honky.

I don't know what else to say about them except that I love them. I knew the general tonal range of what I wanted from new pickups and now I know the exact sound that I wanted, because I have it.

Rayne at MadHouse is the man; great quality, great tone, great price, great dude. What more could you ask for?

The speed knobs are also new. They go to 11

I kinda suck at describing sound so if you have questions fire away.
I have a set of his Homewreckers (now called the asylum) and they are absolutely fantastic in every way.

Congrats on getting an awesome set of pups!

did you get four conductor wiring to split them? I did and the split sounds I get are incredible
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Is the bridge supposed to be reverse mounted by design, or is that just you?
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17.6k in the bridge and 7.9k in the neck? Doesn't that give you a massive volume drop when you switch?
I installed it with the screws that way on my own. I might flip next time I change strings to hear the difference.

There is absolutely no volume drop what so ever between the different switch positions and it really is amazing how quiet they are.

I didn't split them, but I am kind of wishing I had.
Quote by ProgFolk12
17.6k in the bridge and 7.9k in the neck? Doesn't that give you a massive volume drop when you switch?

Easily fixable by adjusting the pickup height.

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I may have missed it in the OP, but how much did they cost?
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175 a set for uncovered. 15 bucks more for covers.

Wow. That's not too bad. He does well describing his pickups online. They sound great based on how he describes them. Would you recommend these over a set of Duncans?
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i'd recommend his pups over any brand.

The pups I got have the ceramic 8 mag, which I admit may not be for everyone, but he offers pretty much any magnet.

Just shoot him an email with the equipment you have and what tone you want, he'll take care of ya.
Quote by Vicious_Turtle
he never responded to my email

Same here. I emailed him three or four weeks ago. Not too enthused.
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I believe that he is his only employee. He may be on vacation or something. Give him a few days, his product is worth the wait. I know when I was dealing with him, he always responded within a few hours.
Hey everyone Rayne here at MHD. Sorry if some emails may have slipped through. I have had a death in the family beginning of March and for the past 2 months reall have not been doing much as far as pups goes. I had thought I got back to everyone but some have slipped through. I do apologize for that.
I am currently not taking orders as I am moving back to California. However this is a good thing as when I reopen I will be running a massive sale and 9 new products as well. To give you an idea think A8 strat pickups. Anyway if you do havwe any questions hit me up here or at mhdpickups@yahoo.com.

Peace and tone