Hey everyone! Here's my second guitar solo cover video on my own YouTube channel. Hope you guys like it. You can read the description in the video for details about it. The video on the top left corner is a little out of sync with everything else, but I hope you don't mind it too much XD

As always, like, subscribe and critique, and i'll return the favor. Thanks!

Critical Acclaim Solo Cover
Good job bro! Only negative was the little lick/shreddy parts were hard to hear, everything sounded clean and right on time. Look forward to more.

If you haven't seen it already i'd like you to check out my newest cover :P

Enjoy me taking a jager bomb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAWXkcbI6t0
Thanks man! Yeah, I realized those little shred parts were a little hard to hear, but i didn't want them to overpower the harmonies, so I kept them at that volume. Besides, in the original track, it's a little hard to hear what he does too :P

But yeah! I loved it haha I always check out your new videos when they come out. They provide great entertainment
It's a very good cover. You hit all the correct notes at the correct time, and sounded out each note clearly. I didn't notice really, the video at the top left corner being out of sync :P. Also, good tone. Don't know why you say you can't find a good tone, ecause you're clearly on your way there . Needless to say, good video and audio quality too

Could you please check out my new vid? I'd really appreciate it.
Good job, man! The harmonized leads sounded great! I agree with the guy above who said the quick runs were pretty well buried in the mix, but other than that it sounded solid! And might I say that that RG of yours is gorgeous

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Thanks guys for all your support! I'm probably going to record the whole song sometime over the summer when the semester is over and I have more time to record/practice!

And thanks ARom22! I love it. A very fast neck and it actually changes colors based on the lighting in the room definitely looking to get a new guitar soon though.