Can someone recommend me some rock similar to Metallica's Load and Re-Load Albums?
its a little tricky to recommend if you only give one band as a reference. but...

Crucify the Dead - Slash and Ozzy
Up for Breakfeast - Van Halen
Still Unbroken - Lynyrd Skynyrd
some Motley Crue or Velvet Revolver maybe? I really don't know
Corrosion of Conformity - America's Volume Dealer, Deliverance
Black Label Society - Sonic Brew
Brand New Sin - Brand New Sin
Godsmack - Godsmack, Faceless
Clutch - Blast Tyrant, Robot Hive/Exodus
Pride & Glory - Pride & Glory
Sasquatch - Sasquatch
Operator - Soulcrusher
Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger
Manmade God - Manmade God
Down - Nola
Alice in Chains - Dirt, Facelift

You may like some of these, some you may not. Load and Reload both have a very unique sound, that only Metallica can pull off regardless what people's opinions of the albums are. Personally I love em, but their earlier stuff was well before my time.
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