Anyone know where i could learn some good functional harmony? I want to get better with my chords, because i think that having them solid both in my mind and ear will improve my improvisation and composition radically. Any books, Websites (Optimal), etc. that could help me with my cord theory/functional harmony?
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This is the book we used to learn harmony at A level .

they just don't make 'em like they used to.

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You can check out my Beginner to Advance Series here: http://lessons.mikedodge.com

It's organized as a ground up approach to theory, so read them in the order the are presented:

Chord Construction
Diatonic Theory

After those you can head over to this link: http://mikedodge.freeforums.org/one-off-lessons-and-concepts-f2.html and take theory you've learned and see how it's applied to music/songs/progressions/etc... A few links in particular to check out are "Chord Progressions", "II-V-I: Playing over the changes", "Substitutions and the VIm-IIm-V-I progression - Part 1 of 2" and Substitutions and the VIm-IIm-V-I progression - Part 2 of 2", "Footprints...some forward motion concepts", etc...either of those will take you pretty deep and break down chords and their movement frm one to the one and how they all seem to make it back to the I chord.