Is it summer already? Are you suffering in an abnormally warm non-homeostatic environment? Here's a way to say "FUCK YOU" to the heat...

STEP 1: Obtain one (1) beanie-style hat.

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STEP 2: THEN, take that MOTHA****A and GET IT WET. That's right, run some cool water over the beanie at the sink, then rinse it out so that it won't drip.

STEP 3: PUT IT IN THE FREEZER. Let the water freeze within the fabric of the beanie...then, when you're ready to go outside and face the day, get that bitch out and put it on, and enjoy an icy cool head even in the worst of heat.

You're welcome. Anybody have any more good tricks?
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Read the UG Bible.

The only sensible suggestion. Why do people not read this first? It should be mandatory to do so.

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go naked

That's not gonna be good for your health man.
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That movie was awesome lol.
Anyways won't the beanie just heat up and be totally counterproductive in like 5 minutes?
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It's not summer, it's winter. It's not going to be summer for months. I can do nothing with this knowledge.

This. Besides I'm in the middle of a storm and it hasn't been hot here.
At work I kept getting yelled at for chilling in the industrial freezer, so I started stashing wet towels in there, then you wrap it around your neck as you work, similar to what TS recommended.
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