Long story short-I had a Peavey Classic 50 head, but needed money and didn't want to haul around a stack. I now have some money and am OK with hauling around a stack, but it turns out the heads are somewhat difficult to find. Are they any amps that have a similar sound but are not as hard to find? The features I liked about it were

*Awesome clean channel (not super duper hospital fender clean, but a good thick tube clean sound).

*2 channels

*effects loop

*Good overdrive channel (but not really venturing into high gain territory, just good crunchy overdrive).

Preferably for $500 or under?
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Make a headshell for your current amp and slide the chassis into it. It's just a box.

Edit. Sorry, misread the OP.
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Look at the following:

Jet City Amps JCA50H
Vox Night Train 50, AC50 head
Ampeg's got some new stuff out, but also see if you can find a V4
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I'd just browse ebay til one pops up. For what the Classic does, it's really hard to beat for the price.
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