just wondering what are some cool relaxing kinda of songs that are easy on guitar?
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Swing Life Away - Rise Against

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It borderlines but Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen. The only hard is the Bb.
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Pretty much everything by City & Colour

Yep. My first songs I learnt were Comin Home and Sleeping Sickness. Awesome, easy stuff.
some of my first learns when i was starting out:
wonder wall - oasis
wheat kings - tragically hip
38 years - tragically hip
sublime: Bradley Nowell and friends (acoustic) album (entire album is pretty easy)
redemption song - bob marley
burn one down - ben harper
about a girl - nirvana
mr jones - counting crows
'round here - counting crows

i used to have a whole list of them lol. if i manage to find it ill drop it on here.