It's fourteen minutes long. But you could just pick a track if you want. It's kind of inspired by Cloudkicker at some parts, Uneven structure in others, I suppose. I dunno, just sat down and played and it came out. Over the course of a few days, that is.



Oh, and listen to it loud. The mix sounds better then.

And apologies for Exeunt being quieter than the rest. I don't know how that happened, because it isn't on the originals.
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nice, there all cool. I particularly like the middle section of "Jagged". i reckon you should turn that into a new track. It's got great syncopation.

You've got loads of great ideas but they don't necessarily follow each other all the time.
Quote by Tune my fork
nice, there all cool. I particularly like the middle section of "Jagged". i reckon you should turn that into a new track. It's got great syncopation.

You've got loads of great ideas but they don't necessarily follow each other all the time.

I agree with his. Individual parts of these tracks sound great on their own, but collectively as songs they don't flow too great.

Like he said though, you have got some great ideas.
Ooh loved Spring eversomuch! Really gorgeous guitar, atmospheric, awesome percussion, was then taken aback by next track. Personally I would have liked 5 tracks like that, because that's just my taste. Like everyone has said great ideas and I'd love to hear more tracks like Spring in the future! Thanks for sharing
Incredible sound. Gorgeous melody. Very original track. Clear tone too.
Can tell that the tracks to come will be great.

"To Mars And back Again":
Came in strong and I like that. You've got a great electric tone. Mix is solid.
I f**king love the solo. It's insane. Fits so well with the other guitars.
Real potential i'm hearing.

Do I hear The Fall Of Troy influence? Seems like it to me, anyway. I love the riffs.
Real quick track, but it's awesome.

"Abnormalities To Make You Cry":
This is sick. I wonder how long it took to write all this. You've got talent. Lots of it.
Loving those mellow leads. Possibly my most favorite part about your EP.
The ending is sweet. Very clean sweeps. I wish I could sweep even just a little bit.
I'm very impressed.

Just amazing. Great quality, excellent playing, still loving the calm, mellow parts.
Just like the other tracks, this one is just as awesome.

I really think you need to get a vocalist. Vocals could bring out a whole new sound to this EP of yours. I'm very curious as to what it would sound like.

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Springs: Nice relaxing stuff, good melancholic intro. I noticed an odd note at 0:49 not sure if I'm just hearing things xD I get obsessive and annoying sometimes. Other than that it's awesome! Nice use of the background electric drums (if that's what they are :P)

And then To Mars And Back Again kicks off with a strong prog riff, awesome! Too bad it ended too soon, I was enjoying it. Then at 1:03 that riff shows off good stuff. It feels like it ended too soon again, I wanted them to keep going a little longer xD Overall I liked this part a lot, but sometimes it feels like some of the riffs could work better if extended as separate songs. I get the feeling like it's some kind of overture that mixes up different sections of songs and puts them together, which I find cool, but I don't know if that's what you were aiming for. It's just a thought, even if that's not the idea I still like this.

With that aggressive Jagged intro I immediately thought of Mudvayne and TFOT.

When "Anomalies To Make You Cry" took that turn at 0:55 I loved it. I'm still hearing those influences I mentioned in Jagged. The only parts that really caught me in this one were the one at 0:55 and the ending one. Overall good stuff.

Loving the first riff in Exeunt, I always enjoy a good mix of agressive + melodic stuff.
Awesome way to end it! I'd be thrilled to see that used as an ending/intro for the next song!

Keep it up man this sounds great! Good ideas all around. Sometimes I'd like to create those kinds of prog/agressive riffs you got there! And the mix is pretty good!

Check out my song, cheers!

Following you on Soundcloud by the way! Looking forward to hearing moar!
Cheers guys! Yeah, for the tracks that don't flow too well, I guess it's to do with the pent up frustration I had to just record something that I at least liked a bit.

Harlot Hero, those sweeps when taken out of mix are pretty bad I assure you :P And I have a friend who is up for singing over some of them, so I'll post them up if anything good comes of that.

7thVagrant, that odd-note (if I remember correctly) was one I accidentally muted as I switched position. Didn't bother me too much, so I kept it because I'm lazy :P

Crit given to your stuff, guys.
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