So I have always shoved my pedals all through the front of the amp.

Here's the order I've got them in:


TC Electronic Polytune Tuner
Artec APW3 Wah pedal
EHX LPB-1 (clean boost)
JMI Tone Bender (fuzz)
EHX Memory Toy (delay)
Boss CH-1 (chorus)
EHX Holy Grail (reverb)

I'm guessing all of these except the fuzz would go in the FX Loop?
If I remember correctly, just the effects like the delay, chorus and reverb go in the FX loop (and stuff like EQing might).

And personally, I prefer chorus before delay.

Everything else I'd keep the way it is.

My own set-up is, though it's all on a board;

-Digitech Whammy
-Micro Q-tron
-Noise Gate
-Disto pedal

It's an odd set-up, but it works perfect for the way I use my pedals.

I say just switch 'em around until you hear what you like. There are just guidelines, no rules per se :p
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yeah always put time based and modulation effects in the loop, delays chorus phazers flangers, all that stuff. the signal based effects like any gains, boosts and wahs can go right in front. i think EQs can go either way
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Well, I've just messed around with it. I've taken the delay out of the signal all together. I don't use it much. I've put the LPB-1 in the effects loop and it gives a really good clean boost now. Before, it'd sound a little muddy when I turned it on. I use it mainly for a volume boost for the Tone Bender as it can be a little quiet. Before, it used to make to Tone Bender a bit fart like when I'd use it. But now, I'm getting the exact sound I wanted. Also, it seems as though I can use a lot more reverb now without it getting overwhelming which is good.