Hey guys. My first post here looking to get a little help. Looking to get as close a sound tone as to what Slash uses during his overdrive and solo sections in november rain. Using a POD HD300.

Try the JCM-800 tone (or the Fireball tone with the gain backed down a bit more), medium gain, lots of mids, fair bit of bass, treble around the middle and presence rolled back a tiny bit. You may want to put in an EQ with a bit of a bump in the mids too. I'd suggest one of the compressor effects as well - the Vetta Comp is subtle enough. Then you just want to shove on some reverb (chamber or hall should suit - keep the volume on it fairly low) and a small, quiet but quick delay ('analogue with mod' set to eighth note delay, just one repeat and with the volume way down should suffice).

For the basic rhythm tone for the track you just want to take the reverb, delay and compressor off.
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