Please leave feedback. First full length record is well into the making, this song and others are a few years old.
For a rating after the initial listen, I'd give it a 6.5/10. I feel like they're some come stuff going on here, some real power/ rise and fall. But, I feel like it never really amounts to anything, like there's no clear end point in mind for the song. I also feel like the drums can be a little disorienting at times, like during the hits towards the beginning. But cool stuff, all in all.
Quote by rokrguy93
I feel like they're some come stuff going on here


I appreciate the feedback
Sounds great to me...it's a bit busy with the sections (in the sense that the part at 3:23 could've happened a lot sooner).

The drums and guitars could be a bit more "punchy" and more in your face. But that's just the way you recorded it so it's nothing against the song ha ha.

Other than my opinions, sounds really good. The vocalist is quite unique.
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