So, I'm turning 18 next month (yay) and with my birthday money, I'd like to switch out the pickups in my Ibanez RGA7 (they're actives) and I want your personal opinion.

I want EMG's, and that's what I'm going with, but I don't know whether or not to get both 707's, or a 707 in the neck, and an 81-7 in the bridge.

I quite like Suicide Silence and Periphery, and my style of playing revolves around that (I'm not the greatest guitar player, but once I get my life together, I'll dedicate more time to it. At least once I graduate highschool.)

All help would be appreciated, thank you very much.
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It's not really worth going to the expense and trouble of installing different active pickups with your current amp - they're not going to give you any of the advantages people use them for.
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Although I agree with steven seagull, if you're really set on pickups, I'd get an 81-7 for the bridge. A 707 could get a little muddy since your guitar is mahogany.

If you're buying new, you may want to consider the 81-7X/60-7X combo. I'm not sure how long the 60-7 has been out, let alone the X version, but the X's will play a lot nicer with your amp. And when you upgrade to a nicer amp, they'll also benefit even more there.
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