Hey guys, so I just bought my first guitar amp head/cab: an Orange Dark Terror and an Orange PPC 112. Ordered them by mail, should arrive in about a week. I am a complete n00b when it comes to hooking this shit up, so I could use some help. I know they require a speaker cable instead of a regular instrument cable, but is there anything else I should purchase or know about having a head and cab? Thanks.
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do NOT try to play without the cab plugged in. you will fry it. tube amps must always have a load (speakers) otherwise i think it'll fry the output transformer...but a real amp guru can answer exactly what goes wrong, i just know it bad....lol and of course nobody in their right mind would unplug a head and just start jamming away, but on some cabs, the jack isnt as tight as it could be and may pull out every so often if you move it or something....that being said, it may be kinda OCD, but i always unplug mine after i shut it off, that way im forced to check the connection before flipping it off standby. and thats another thing, let it warm up for a bit, dont just turn it on and start shredding away. and dont slam it up against a wall either, give it room to breathe. tubes get HOT. and they need air, so idk about a foot off the wall should be fine. and just like WtrPlyr says, make sure the impedance (ohms) setting on your head matches that of your cab or, again...you could end up with some serious issues.

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the cab should be equal or more than what the head is putting out (i.e....impedance matching!)
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