Im thinking about buying a BOSS BCB-60 pedal board and i have some question about it, if anyone happens to own it or have some experience with it.

My first concern is about pedal use in the FX loop.

From the pictures and from what i've read i seem like you plug your guitar into the box and then the signal goes trough your pedal chain to the output on the box. Then from the output on the box to your amp. I get that and that's just fine, but i use pedals in my FX loop, which is a separate chain.

I wounder if its possible to connect some of the pedals separately to the FX loop without having to bring in the cables from the FX loop straight into the box? I would really like it to be as practical as the first chain, plug it into the box and not having to rearange everytime you use it. I hope you get what i mean!

My seconds concern is about the parallel powercords from the built in poweroutlet.

In my experience parallel powercord create "hum" noise when the electricity passes trough all the pedals, does anyone know if this is the case here?

Here's a link to the pedalboard on BOSS's homepage: