What's the standard string gauge for bass guitars? I've been thinking of changing strings on my bass, I haven't changed them one time in the 2+ years I've had it.
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Usually packs where the low E string is about .105-.100. The G string is usually around .45. It can vary from brand to brand, player to player and obviously tuning to tuning though.
You could take the bass to the shop and they'll probably be able to tell you what gauge is on there.
.32 .45 .65 .80 .100 .130 for a 6 set. for a 4 set discard the .32 and .130, and for a 5 string set discard the .32
The gauge that comes stock with most new basses tends to be 45-105 (45, 65, 85, 105).
90-95 are fenders short scales E, and most 34" long scale feature a 95-105 range E.

It was brought up recently that originally it was more like a .54 G string which beefed up the set and balanced it more with that beefier tone in mind.

If your a fan of bright wound strings, and skinnier G might not be a problem though.
The medium gauge D'Addarios I recently bought are .105, .085, .070 and .050, if that helps.
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On a 4 string i've always used 45's.

Seems very odd when I think about it, guitar strings are usually 9's!
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