My Peavey 3120 is not working properly. I fear that the tubes might have blown, but I'm not sure how. I haven't played through it in over a week and It was working perfectly fine when I played it last. I have tried 2 different guitars and 7 different cables. It plays at very low and distorted volume and all the channels sound the same. I'm not very technical and I would really like some help on this.

I have only had it for 3 months and I bought it used, it came to me in really good condition. I always make sure to give it at least five minutes to turn on, I usually leave it in standby and go make something to eat before I play it. Same goes for when I turn it off, I'll leave it for a few minutes in standby and then turn it off.

I tried every combination of guitars and cables that I possibly could and I even switched out the cable connecting the head to the cab. Is there anything that I can check in order to know if my tubes are blown?

Tl;DR My peavey 3120 will not play louder than a whisper. Need Help!

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me out.
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It certainly sounds like tubes. That's a good place to start.
Check the fuse in the back first, and then if that one's good, plug your guitar straight into the effects loop return. If it's still quiet, you have a power amp issue, and you need to replace the power tubes (and/or phase inverter tube). If it's loud, you probably have a dead preamp tube.
Are you using a speaker cable to connect the head and the cab?

Sounds like a bad preamp tube or two though. Do you have any spares?
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open up the amp and look at the tubes...do they look blown? a white film is a sure-fire sign it's blown
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