I am interested in buying a looper.

I would like to ask - do loopers in the market accept one input only for which you can loop sounds (e.g. input a microphone only and loop sounds with that)?

... or do loopers which accept multiple inputs and loop at your request? for example, can you plug a microphone + guitar + guitar etc at the same time and loop sounds with each one?). If they do exist, I imagine they would be quite pricey... yes?

I would appreciate your feedback on this! Thanks
I got a Line 6 JM4 looper last month and that has multiple inputs. There's a guitar input, an XLR input for a mic and there's a aux input for anything else. I spent £249 on it. I haven't tried it with a mic yet though.
You can record from any of the inputs, but you can only use one input at a time. You just have to select which one you want to use.

I think the Boss RC-30 and the Digitech Jamman stereo have an XLR inputs too they are all a similar price
Wow... XLR inputs on a loop...

Thankies for the GAS, asshat!
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Thanks a lot WeZ-84!! You have been very helpful :-))

Lol DeathByDestroyer... your answer didn't help at all I'm afraid :-p
There are at least a few that can do multiple inputs/outputs, some are stereo, some even have multiple track capability such as the Boss RC-30 and RC-300's. Yes, they do get kinda pricey compared to a basic looper. The low end from boss is the RC-2/RC-3 at around $200.00 and the high end RC-300 is around $550.00 USD.