Hey guys! Just thought I'd post my cover of the intro to Make Total Destroy! It's by no means perfect and really just a video for testing the webcam quality, but any feedback would be much appreciated! Any channel subscriptions would be appreciated also! This is my first video, and will be uploading many more, a mix of covers and originals

Thanks very much!


Also, I apologise for the misspelling of "total" in the title!
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Wow, thanks for the awesome feedback dude! It's actually just in 4/4 timing! I'll be putting up Scarlet by Haunted Shores tomorrow too!

I'll comment on your thread man
Man that was a short video, but you managed to impress me immensely just from that. Back when I was younger Heavy Metal used to be my main influence for music and a song like this would have blown me out of the water. Just watching you play that intro I could tell it was an extremely complicated song (at least compared to what I'm used to playing) so you have nothing but my deepest respect for being able to play it. Im not very familair with the song itself but I did check it out on YouTube and from what I've seen you played it quite well. Obviously with songs that are this complex practice will make perfect, but you played it very well in my opinion and I can only imagine that you will get much better in time! All I can say is keep up the good work! And maybe join a band so your hard work can go to good use!! Once more you have earned my respect