Looking to record my progress on the computer, but for that and to get at least decent recording quality, I am curious on a few things.

Is it really as simple as getting a USB mic and sticking that in front of the amp to record? Not interested in voice recording, this is strictly electric guitar.

Also, what software do I need? Or would Windows XP (or possibly mac if I move it to our "music room") have something built in to record with a USB mic.

I am sorry if this is in the wrong section, I figured this might go under the gear area.
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You will need a guitar USB interface and a software to record your music.

There are multi efects pedals that can be used as an inerface, or you can buy a dedicate unit, like m-audio and others.

As for software, you can look for some DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), like Reaper, Cakewalk, etc.
Thanks for the reply.
Would you consider something like a samson usb mic ok for recording straight into mac/garageband?
most USB microphones are not that great. especially with electric guitar, you can get a much better sound by using an audio interface. most have options for either plugging your guitar straight in, or for using a microphone. if you have a good amp, using a mic is a good way to go. if your amp is more of a practice amp, or you just arent quite happy with it, there are a lot of good choices for simulating an amp on your computer.

so an interface will allow you to do either. i find myself using amp sims a lot more than micing my amp these days. you can get a very good sound, and you can keep the volume down. picking up an interface and at least starting this way is my recomendation, and you can always pick up a mic later if you decide to mic your amp.
Reaper is a great DAW and well worth a look at!
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Do you have a budget? If you just want a simple way of getting good quality recordings, you should also consider getting a multitracker as your DAW. They can do basically everything that software DAWs can, but are usually easier to use and don't have the same learning curve you would have with software. They can also be bought used places like eBay so they aren't even particularly expensive.
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