...for some awesome summer food.

I usually enjoy having some beers while grilling anything I can on the BBQ.

My favorites are steaks, salmon and corn on the BBQ.

Usually I'll peel the corn ears off until there's about 2 or 3 and I'll leave those on. Then stuff cut peppers and other veggies in between the leaves and the actual corn, put some seasonings in too, then wrap it in foil nice in a way that keeps it sealed and pour some beer in it, then close it off at one tip.

Actually pretty much anything I do on the BBQ I end up including some sort of alcoholic beverage into it.

What are ya'll favorites...

discuss, or whatever, summer is coming, it's real nice out here, so yeah just go and do whatever on here.
Spatchcock a chicken, marinade overnight in whatever you feel like.
Slap on your bbq and wait.
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Try grilling watermelon if you haven't before.
Save a trip to the RT!
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Top trolling abilities.

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sausage sandwich...its so tasty and manly
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Try Stilton on burgers. My brother did something along the lines of preparing and cooking some burgers, then adding some kind of jalapeno/ stilton/ tomato ketchup topping and cooking them again for a short while. Best burger I've ever had
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as if you have anything better to do.

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I have missed BBQ SO badly....
Genuinely.....I miss char-grilled sausages...which have a nice chill glaze
Or anything really with a nice glaze

As long as it has been BBQ-ed and has a glaze to it, I'm chill.....
Tbh I've also missed shorts
Depends really. BBQ with the family is great for food, my mum makes loads of food. The highlight being prawns in the medium nandos sauce. SO GOOD. Then theres usually chicken kebabs, burgers, sausages & then any salad/ side you could really want.

BBQ with friends consists of burgers, sausages & a few crates of beer.

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Corn with bbq sauce on it from some pulled pork which you just demolished and then realized you had other stuff on the plate.
Baked beans.

You'll go blind.
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Really now?

'Pulling your pork' is the same as 'interfering with yourself', or, in the parlance of the Pit, fapping.
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One of my friends and I are fixing this tomorrow http://www.nashvillescene.com/bites/archives/2008/07/31/bites-exclusive-winning-hot-chicken-recipe
I love when my dad grills ribs, or does Polish sausage. Of course, nothing beats hanging with some friends and beers, cooking burgers all day either.
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this is a food thread. Get serious.

Totally serious. You like food that sounds like masturbation.
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Don't go ninjerin nobody don't need ninjerin'
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Don't even get me started on Jamaican Jerked Chicken

Well, I do hear it stings if you get it in your eye...
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Don't go ninjerin nobody don't need ninjerin'
Hmmm. This has me thinking now.

What if I were to cook some corn on the cob on the BBQ. But baste it with scrambled raw egg (or just the white? or the yolk only? I don't know the cooking differences of each) and then put a light batter of somekind, maybe just a plain corn meal type of thing. Just to add to thick crispyness without actually having to deep fry it and while trying to still get that classic BBQ sear.