My cable(one tip angled, gold tips, 'round 10 feets) works at home on my spider, but I brought it at my school and it doesnt work with the Peavy Delta Blues there..... ?Any ideas?
bad input of the Delta?
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If you're using the same guitar, my guess is the Delta has a bad input. If not could be a faulty jack on the other guitar.

Or your cable just doesn't play well with others

Try the ol' different cable/guitar tests to see what's working and what's not?
It worked with the school's cable, but I'll be playing soon in front of half my school trough this amp and it would be nice to have my long and soft cable, not these short and straght thing my school have. BTW, whats the Delta?
Have you tried the cable again at home since then?

Quote by n1ckn1ce
BTW, whats the Delta?

The delta - Peavey Delta Blues
*facepalm to myself* Right. I thaugh the Delta was some weird signal stuff in the amp...
And yes, i tried it at home every night since then, worked like a charm.