I installed two new dimarzio humbuckers on my Ibanez RG370DX and followed the diagram on the dimarzio website, the results were kinda confusing:

-first position (bridge): only half of the humbucker works
-second position (supposedly the bridge split+ middle singlecoil): i get the whole hubucker and the singlecoil
-third position (singlecoil only): no problems there
-fourth position (neck split, singlecoil): whole neck humbucker and the singlecoil
-fifth position (neck): i only get half of the neck humbucker

where did i go wrong? i wired it like the diagram said http://www.dimarzio.com/sites/default/files/diagrams/RGmod1.pdf can anyone please help me out?
that may be kinda difficult now but I'll try, i can assure you though i did it just like the dimarzio diagram i posted in the OP
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You messed up your wiring.

which part? what should i do then?
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Hmm, buddy you have messed up everything, look for an escape...

yeah and that's really strange because all i did was replace the wire positions of the stock pickups with the new ones, red to where red of the stock pickup was going on the pickup selector, black and white into where white was going on the pickup selector, and green and bare into the volume pot

i dont have a working camera right now but i'll post pics as soon as i can, but has this happened anyone before, and what are the possibilities? is it bad soldering or wrong positions?
there's the possibility things are reversed, i assumed that the left side of the 5 way selector on the diagram is the bridge side, which went with the way the stock pickups were wired