So i have a new talent show on april 22. I am playing Misfits - saturday night on the guitar and signing the velve pipe colorful.

The misfits song helped me quite a bit. I learned a little my freatboard where my notes are, were my power chords are. It's still difficult for me to move my hand as a block and play all the power chords correctly. I guess it's a matter of pratice.

My question is i am planning on learning the C Major scale. When my teacher ask me to play something to do a sound check i could play a scale instead of just random notes. I know this scale is like all the white notes on a piano. The c Major scale is the scale that everybody knows by heart.

Do you know a misfits song that would help me learn further my power chords,freatboard knowledge,scales ect.. ? Some of the misfits songs are in D# but we try to put them in E standart
Um why would you need to learn a scale to do a sound check ???
May I point out to you that the point of a sound check is to check the levels of sound of the song you are going to play so can you please answer this: WHY would you not play a part of the song? A powerchord?
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no i meant like testing the clear channel on a pratice amp or something. Anyway i want to learn a scale if only for finger pratice.
Since you know the notes of the fretboard, learning a scale should be easy. C major is just C D E F G A B. Wherever you find those notes, you can play C major. Improvise a little with that over a backing track.
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^ this. This will be a little harder than learning the shapes, but it will much much better for you in the long run.
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