I don't have any advice, but I say definitely finish it because I rarely like black metal, and this was good.
Sounds like chaotic.. It's been years since I last time listen to black metal. Dissonance in bar 26 is too much for me, or maybe it's just guitar pro. However nice black metal styled groove. I really like section on bar 47. Also remake outro.
Beginning gives that MWUAHAHAHAHA feeling

16-21 got me thinking of Immortal right away

26 - 29 Insert very high pitched screams mixed with growls RIGHT HERE

47-55 makes me think of the ol jolly viking days sprinkled with a dash of northern frost

I'm liking the groove to this man!

Take a look at mine?
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Not actualy...its just my style of playing though i have inspirations by them and several other bands to form my style of music...i like weird and agressive sounding black metal so i think the dissonance is good to create weird riffs.Did you heard the recorded version?
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To me this sounded like Deathspell Omega, just like Gessu already mentioned. Interesting melodic and dissonant riffing! The song flows well IMO.

If you're interested in dissonant death metal, check my song Eridu Genesis from my sig.
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Well what I can say about song itself.. Recorded was much better than gp (as usual) and this thing needs vocals. It sounds very empty without em. This song requires some satan too.
Good God. The recorded version made my balls drop all over again. Dont think I can really say anything bad about it

You've got a really nice style there, find yourself a vocalist and you'll be set! You should definitely try and write some lyrics for it, if nothing else. Do you have any other songs recorded? I'd like to check those out.

Also, if you have some time, care to check out one of my songs? c:
Here have a waffle!
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If you say so...i just answer the previous post...its my threath so i think i have the right to do that

deathbycontrol i have another song called Incarnation of Molloch wich is recorded and 3-4 songs that i must find time to record...they remain on gp file for now
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just letting you know, i have a file on my computer which is the name of this song cause when this came out, 4 years ago i used some of the drums and never changed the file name, chur