Love the sound. Great instrument tones. Nothing seems at all off. The vocalist has an incredible and powerful voice. Wish mine sounded like that. The high notes remind me very much of Incubus' Brandon Boyd. Awesome guitar playing. Bass flows smoothly. Drums keep the song together well. Love the quality and how smooth the song sounds. I favor the acoustic version more, but that's just because I favor acoustic more over electric instruments, because it gives music a more 'raw' feel. Incredible song. I've listened to each version at least 5 times by now. Love it.

Critique for critique?
A series of experiments were performed on thick-walled hollow cylinders of five different types of isotropic rock.
Dude, that's really good. I downloaded it, pretty great stuff!!!!
Anyways, I guess you guys have been doing music for some time now it sounds worked on, polished, thought.

You know, I think I just became a fan. Can't find something else to say than that I love it, which is usually a good sign, right? Keep em coming!!! Just liked your FB page too

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