String Spread!!!! Hi I have a fender american special strat that i am looking to upgrade with a graph tech saddle.
my dilemma is that there are two identical bridges except for the "string spread" seen here

I do not know what the string spread is or how to measure it please if you could tell me how or give me a measurement i have a 2011 strat

Thanks for your help
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Measure the distance between the center of the strings?

average floyd rose nut is around 7.2mm multiply by 5 to get E to e spread of 36mm + 1/4" to get a nut width of 42.35mm / 1.66"
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^ Or he could just measure from the high E to low E at the bridge, which is the spacing he needs for new saddles...

Yeah, that's what I should have said. 2+ inches between strings would be pretty hard to play.

But I did mean at the bridge, at least.