So I used to play guitar when I was 14/15 (and played tonnes at the time) and then I took a very long break but have recently picked it up again (I'm 21 now). My question is: has anyone been in the same situation? Does everything come back much faster? 'Cause so far even after a week and a half I'm seeing massive improvements in fluidity and just general finger strength so it seems like everything is coming back really quickly, which is fantastic (and great for motivating me to continue developing) Just hoping to see other people that have been in the same situation and have been able to jump back to their original level quickly.


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I'm seriously in the exact same boat. Age-wise and everything man. I literally came to UG to find a similar thread and yours was on the home page. It feels good reading what you wrote. I'm going to get my guitar cleaned up and buy new strings/etc. this weekend and I'll get back into playing again.

Any exercises/scales/etc. you've been playing to get back into form?

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Haha awesome! Yeah for exercises I've really just been playing variations on chromatic scales up and down the neck to build my finger strength, and mainly concentrating on those variations that are most difficult for my fingers and I think it's been working really well But other than that I've just been getting back into playing as many songs as I can, just trying to change it up constantly. Listening to 10X the amount of music I was listening to before, both for inspiration and for more material to work on . Hope you get back to form soon, it's really exciting when things start to come back (I was just worried that it'd take me a long time to get back to the same level).

Should add that I've also been doing lots of stretching for my forearms and wrists to ensure that I don't suffer any injuries 'cause that would definitely slow progress.
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