Hey guys,

I've got a Peavey 6505 for a while now but I've never really looked at the Preamp Output it's got. What does this actually do? Even more important: When does this come in handy?

I thought it was like a direct signal from the preamp without going through the other tubes. I could be wrong, I'm not to sure...
I'm using a Line 6 UX1 to record stuff but I never get the amazing tone like with the Peavey. Is there a way I can hook up the Peavey tot the UX1? perhaps using the Preamp Output? I dunno...just thinking out loud here
can't be that dude, I've got a seperate FX-loop input
I've got:
2 Speaker Outputs
1 FX Send
1 FX Return
1 Foot Switch input

And the FX-loop is for effects you want to apply AFTER the distorion...otherwise you'd just put the effect in the chain in front of your amp...I think
It's there in case you want to use a power amp other than the 6505's power amp.
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the preamp out is just that...a DI for the preamp. It will split the signal from the speaker so you can take a DI from the head, but still mic the cabinet and have that react and move air.

The preamp out on my 5150 sounds like shite though, seriously bad. A DI box is a better option.
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If you use it, you have to use some sort of speaker simulation or impulse in order to make it sound good. Preamp by itself does not sound good.
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The Pre-Out comes from the final stages of the pre-amp on the 6505, the plus and most other variants of this amp.

If you want to have the power stage sound, then you need to employ either a power stage utilising a class AB fixed bias EL34 / 6L6 push pull configuration or use an electronic simulation of this ( simulation will never achieve the dynamics of a real tube push pull stage!)

The preamp out is a direct connection to the point at which the preamp connects to the phase splitter tube (ECC83) that then feeds the power stage of the amp. There is no buffering or coloration of the signal at this stage, so you are getting pure pre-amp signal.

It is NOT a DI output, DI is balanced and is intended for direct input to a mixing desk, this is an output intended to feed a power amp at line level and nothing else.
In practice, I have used this to feed additional power amps such as the Peavey Classic 120 / 120 to give additional stage presence with a singe amp head.