I know there have been threads about this before but I bought some 12-60 strings off ebay which are shipping now. I was just wondering, does a .60 string fit through the esp locking tuners or not? If they don't, what would be the best option to resolve this. I have heard of unwinding the top of the string (not sure if it's a good idea) and trying to widen the tuning peg hole yourself(also not sure if it's a good idea). Any thoughts? Getting the guitar set up is the last resort
By set up, I mean I had the truss rod and inotation messed with. The tech didn't change anything to the tuning peg hole, they will fit without the need to drill a bigger hole or unwinding the strings
its odd though, everyone says the highest gauge is a .56 that can fit through the hole :/
if you were to have any problems (and you shouldn't) only the 60 gauge would give you problems, everything else should fit. They were snug in there but I had no problems putting them on.