Needs a fair bit of work on all of it really. I'm guessing you've only been playing between like 6-20months or so? You tackled a pretty difficult song though so props for that.

I kind of skimmed through it but my biggest criticisms..

The cleans need a heap of work. Pretty obvious you play cleans licks very rarely.

Your vibrato needs a lot of work, and your unison bends need a lot of work. I can tell you're struggling to play them right.

Errr the solo seemed really off. Might want to try playing some easier solo's. I don't know how the solo is played exactly but it looked like you were just picking the string as fast as you could really and doing hammerons and such. It wasn't really approached in a methodical sense.

Haha i sound like a giant dick saying all this shit.
It's decent man, and it's obvious you're not professional musician and you did what you could.
My biggest advice would be to slow down a bit, and tackle some not so brutal songs. Trivium can get pretty damn technical.
@ vayne92
The cleans were out of sync, as I mentioned in the post, but if there is something else that I should take note of then pray tell.
As for the solos, I was pretty confidant with them, I practiced using a metronome, could have been the camera, as both the audio and the video was recorded by the camera and it doesn't like treble. But if there are any methods you could suggest that could help me record more clearly so I can hear my own attempts at playing the solos then tell me.
But no, thanks for the flaming, I posted it here not because I wanted to be praised, but because I wanted to improve

And @ Niko92
dude thats awesome!
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