Man that was pretty good ! I wasn't really fond of the riff you begin with, but it kinda grows on you. However the break and the "chorus" at 0:43 are awesome ! Really melodic after such agressiveness, which is something I always enjoy.

The part after that makes me think of Vai-ish experimenting, and then it get backs into good melodic stuff!

The only thing that doesn't really catch me at first is the main riff.. but by the end it feels nice after listening to the whole thing. The thing that I think you should work on is the drums, adding some depth to them could bring out certain parts of the song and add some power, overall it feels like it's just there to follow the song and provide a base.

I like the progressive and melodic feel this song has ! (Y) How do you get that nice in your face lead guitar sound? Do you double track them ? I'm trying to improve the sound in my recordings!

This is what I'm working on!
I try to double track leads as much as possible. I usually do the second lead track an octave up and then mix it in pretty low. I also use gobs of delay and for the first time with this particular song I used a little bit of phaser on the leads.