I'm having a strange problem with Amplitube 3 and I just though I'd see if anyone else knows what's going on. I'm running my guitar into a USB audio interface connected to my laptop and using Amplitube 3 to record. First I import a backing track mp3 into Amplitube 3, then I record my guitar over the backing track. Everything works great as I'm playing and when I listen to the recording in Amplitube everything syncs up perfectly.

However, when I export the backing track + my recorded guitar as a wav file something really strange happens. The backing track and my recorded guitar get desynced by about half a second, making it sounds like garbage. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you fix it?
You can record with Amplitube?
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I`ve now got the same problem. Out of sync after exporting the recording and his never used to happen. Did anyone sort this out for you.