Hi everyone, i don't know if any of you are as addicted to Pro Guitar Shop demos as i find myself, but this morning i saw a video posted for the new 'Trinity Reverb' pedal from TC electonics, a re-release and expension upon the original hall of fame reverb, and my heart sank.

This new pedal includes the same great features as before (toneprint etc) but scraps two of the less useable verb settings in favour of an etherial shimmer mode, which i like a lot of people was hoping would be released as a toneprint.

Instead, now we are required to buy a whole new pedal for just two settings, which could easily have been released through the toneprint downloads! Surely that is the whole point of toneprint?

Anywho, rant over, I was thinking, could it be within the reach of all us TC Electronics fans to ask them for these to be released over the Toneprint Network? Judging from threads i have seen here and elsewhere, I know i'm not alone as a HoF user who was hoping for a shimmer mode!

So, could we do it?

(Yeh, i'm in an argumentative mood =P)

TL;DR- TC released a new version of the HoF with just 2 (eagerly awaited) new settings, rather than a toneprint. How could we come together to get them to release the prints as a download?

(I thought about posting this in the Pit, but i think i'd get more sensible replies here. But if this is better suited for the pit, go ahead and move it!)
I can't help out here much...

I bought Line 6's Flextone III XL, billed from Line 6 as 'The Worlds First Upgradable Amp'...
I actually bought into that shit too...

and how we would be getting new amp models, and features as Line 6 released them to us.

Sure it was a little expensive at the time, but with Line 6's word behind it, it will surely pay off for us with future software releases... They were just over a Grand...

We got 1 Firmware update, to fix an over boomey bass issue... Thats it, nothing else!! And certainly not the new 5150 Amp model we were all begging Line 6 for in their Forum...

It would have cost them next to nothing, and been a super PR move, holding up on an advertizing promise. The excitement was high...

Back when line 6 had a dedicated Flextone III area, we kept asking when our next software release would be out, and all posting about what wonders we thought it might include... Who knew exactly what goodies they were working on for us behind closed doors? Things were quiet, but the more Sr. Forum members were posting on how Line 6 was notoriously tight lipped on all their new products, and things were probably moving along quite nicely. So we waited... and waited... and waited.

Next, the business decision was made to delete all our posts, right along with the entire dedicated Flextone III area. Poof!!

Then discontinued the Flextone III Amp. There... Problem solved

But what about the promise of new exciting releases, with 'The Worlds First Upgradable Amp'...
Apparently null and void?? We are still waiting for the official word from Line 6 on that... So far, nothing!

Apparently they are much better at making a bigger noise about their promises on the way in, than they are about speaking to them when they are on the way out??

Lesson learned... (For me) If the pedal/amp doesn't initially already do exactly what you want, for the price you paid, to keep you happy... Don't buy it.

I never will buy an amp, or pedal now, based on 'future exciting software releases' that will undoubtedly add extra value and functionality to your device.

The company will probably forget the promise, and just make another 'new improved' product they can sell you for More $$.

Just ask Line 6's Flextone III boys!

Guess there's not much money to be made in free upgrades, and as things get financially tighter at the company, the 'free upgrade' department on already launched products, will probably be the first to go.
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a guy from TC Elec posts here on UG. you could message him.

or email their customer service.
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Quote by BurstBucker Pro
I can't help out here much...

(long line 6 quote)

Man that sucks

Overall i'm really happy with the Hall of Fame, that's the trouble, to get at the new settings i'd have to buy an all new pedal just for one extra sound, when the whole benefit of the toneprint series is to be able to download these artist presets!
Pro Guitar Shop had already previously endorsed new settings for the whole toneprint range, so why not these too?
Plus, the fact i got mine from PGS just a couple months ago

Everyone, feel free to add to stories of how other companies do the same!
I think you are the first one to care!
Shame on Line 6.

And I also think it sucks that already a new TonePrint pedal was made, that kind of dwarfed the existing customer base, that already supported the company with their $$.

That is exactly the type of bad business decision, that pisses off your current customers, and destroys their faith in future upgrades made for them.
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Quote by BurstBucker Pro

That is exactly the type of bad business decision, that pisses off your current customers, and destroys their faith in future upgrades made for them.

Coming out with a new version of an existing pedal is a bad business decision? Ibanez has gone through several iterations of the tubescreamer and no one seems to care, everyone seems to have their own favorite out of the bunch. It's a PGS exclusive pedal, and it's only got 2 new sounds. People that don't have a HoF already can choose to buy the PGS version or the standard. If they choose not to buy the PGS version, then they probably don't want the 2 new sounds, so they wouldn't care if they were offered as toneprints or not.

That just leaves those who already have HoF's and want the 2 new sounds. I'm sure they'll come out with downloadable toneprints for it in the future, but the damn thing just came out this week and already people are complaining they can't download the toneprints? Give it some time. TC has been coming out with a heap of new one-off artist and special edition toneprint pedals recently, so I'm sure at some point they'll put all the new toneprints up at the same time.
I would only say tubescreamers were not sold as upgradable pedals via software updates.

So if a new version of the tube screamer came out, the existing base would not feel dicked.

That is the difference right there.
But the thing is, the new sounds literally just came out, so you shouldn't feel dicked, you should be patient. Not only that, but the pedal already offers a ton of sounds in a pedal board friendly size; if you can't get the sounds you want out if it, then it's probably time to move on to something else anyway.
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(line 6 rant)

That made me and at the same time.

TS, at least you're not in BurstBucker's position. Be happy for that!
And as he said, TC have alot of stuff on their hands what with the new toneprints for all the pedals popping up constantly. You could email them and ask if they're releasing it as a toneprint .
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It is a sad story. I still remember how the Flex boys were posting on how WE were the bread and butter customers that made Line 6 exist. Vetta was more expensive, but didn't sell the number of units that the Flextone did, and the Spider was a joke.

They wouldn't dare cut us off... Not their favorite cash cow!

They did, and never looked back. LOL
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