OK so while browsing my local pawn shop I see a Jackson Kelly hanging on the wall, so I try it out and really like the way it feels. I forgot to take a picture of the guitar but it has the usual kelly body style. It is also blue, which I am unable to find any kelly models in that color. Finally it only has one volume knob and thats all, with the open humbuckers showing. From my comparisons online, this seems to match the KE3 model, which is retail priced at 899, but the pawn shop only has it listed at 250, which i was able to talk them down to 150 because of some work I will have to do on it and that I am still going to be thinking on it. Is this just an older make of a cheaper kelly, or did i stumble upon a mid-high range guitar for super cheap that I need to snag asap. It was really hard to tell how great it was as the string were rusted and they had no amps to play on, all i can really say is i liked the feel of the neck and body. please help, I dont want this opportunity for a great deal to slip away, or buy a cheap started guitar confusing it for one of 899 value

thanks in advance
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I think I've got one like what you're describing. It may be an older Professional series around. $200 is a fair price for them.

Are the pickups labeled with the Jackson logo? The Jackson-branded pickups are pretty crappy, but the guitars are great.
and it was bolt on neck with a floyd rose, with black hardware all the way through, with shark fin inlays. Also the humbuckers were open with no logo design. It looked like kind of a mix of the 2 you posted from ebay.

Thanks for all the the responses, and sorry I am new to the forums and didn't realize we could edit our posts in this manner
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