Vibrating magnetic tattoos may one day be used to alert mobile phone users to phone calls and text messages if Nokia follows up a patent application.

The Finnish company has described the idea in a filing to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

It describes tattooing, stamping or spraying "ferromagnetic" material onto a user's skin and then pairing it with a mobile device.

It suggests different vibrations could be used to create a range of alerts.

The application lists Cambridge-based Zoran Radivojevic as the innovation's lead inventor. It was filed last week and was brought to light by the Unwired View news site.

It suggests a magnetic marking could be attached to either a user's arm, abdominal area, finger or fingernail.

"Examples of... applications may be low battery indication, received message, received call, calendar alert, change of profile, eg based on timing, change of time zone, or any other," the filing reads.

"The magnetic field may cause vibration of one short pulse, multiple short pulses, few long pulses... strong pulses, weak pulses and so on."

The filing also suggests that the magnetised marking could be used as an identity check. It says that by picking a certain shape the user could create a "specific magnetic impedance" - effectively their own magnetic fingerprint.

It says this could act as a "password" and gives the example of a laptop refusing to display content on its screen unless it verifies its user is close by.

That's slightly... weird/awesome/scary. I don't know what to think. How useful is it really? How much do you need to stay "connected"? Would you get one?

I get the idea that it can be used as a "password", that's pretty nifty, but I still wouldn't get a tattoo like that. I don't want to be "connected" all the time.
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Nokia is Finnish?

But people in the US are more likely to buy it.
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But that's pretty cool, anyway. One step closer to omni-tools.
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What the article didn't mention is that Nokia also patented the use of nail polish and stickers in the same manner. Something that sounds a lot more useful.

And I might be mistaken but the use of ferromagnetic materials mean it doesn't matter what the tattoo looks like or what the pattern is(as long as it's big enough to hold the required amount of metal probably). This means you can tattoo anything you want and just use the Nokia feature as a little added bonus.
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That's probably one of the stupidest, most retarded ideas I think I've ever heard
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Hate the idea.
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Ferromagnetics and MRI scans don't go well together. Just sayin'.

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I wouldn't want to be connected all the time like that.

In fact, this just sounds like a way to track people. I'M GOING OFF THE GRID!

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OT: Could this mess with things like metal detectors and, like has been said, MRI's? I could see some good and bad things with this.
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Wouldn't a ferro magnetic tattoo be inconvenient if the person needs to get a CAT-scan (sp?)
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They shouldn't even be able to patent this.

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So I take it most people here wouldn't get one?

I don't think many people mine and your generation would, but the younger ones probably would. They don't seem to think about potential privacy invasions and what information they reveal.
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