Hey guys!

Our record is still planned to be release this summer, and I'd like to hear what you think of another track, Rainbows and Ponies, available on soundcloud at this link http://snd.sc/zBSRm4 !

C4C of course, I really love music in general so don't hesitate!!

Thanks to you
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Unusual, I'm not usually into this type of thing but it was pretty good. The intro was pretty cool, wasn't too sure about the vocals though, they sound a little ridiculous to me to be perfectly honest. The guitar playing is solid though, and the guitar harmonies are good. Overall, I was reminded pretty strongly of A7X, guessing that was the sound you were going for?
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Always up for some C4C, been compared to Frank Turner, The Cure's Robert Smith and Bruce Springsteen so check out my stuff if you like the sound of that
I like the beginning with the guitar harmonies panned hard away from each-other, I love doing that with counterpoint guitars. I guess you've gone with the felt not heard path with the bass drum, I can't really hear them but I do feel something there. The vocal is pretty ridiculous, but I guess its something you were going for, considering the random sound effects later in the song... XD

Its not a style I usually listen to, but its pretty well done. I feel like the (clean) vocals are a bit high in the mix. I hear the bass, which is usually the first thing I jump on. Good stuff.

Here's my toughts after listening to your work - the song is very well composed despite kinda unique and 'weird' style if you know what I mean (dunno what genre exactly it is but you know what's on my mind). The song and vocals style reminded me of this very much:
Probably inspired by this ? Imo the vocals suit the song perfectly. Also harmonies are nice and I think I liked the middle part the most (1:55).

Also very nice quality, how was it recorded?

Hey bro cheers for the comment.

You're stuff is interesting man, very much like dog fashion disco i rekon. The guitar playing was really good all the way through and the vocals suited nicely too, although they seemed to come in a bit loud before settling in, maybe fade them in slightly? Lyrics were pretty weird but you were obviously going for that.

Production value was pretty good too.

Very different to what I normally listen to but it was good.
Nice guitar playing and good tones!I think the intro may have been a bit loud in comparison to the bit after it when the band kicked in. It was quite nice to hear a vocalist kick in who wasn't doing that weird scream type thing, but then I did hear a bit of that under the vocalist at one point, and then again later in the song. The main vocalist is good, but I just don't get this growling thing. That's just me though. Nice reversed cymbals at the end.

Overall it's cool, a bit different to the other stuff in your genre. And the guitar playing is very good. Good work.