Heey guys!

well I'm a big Blues-rock fan, and I'm cool for some new bands who make some great blues-rock music.
I'm kinda seeking band that sound similarly to bands like: LEd Zeppeling, The White stripes, The dead weather, the raconteurs(yea, i know what you think, I'm a big fan of Jack white xD), the Rival sons, taj mahal, Chuck berry, the rolling stones, the black keys, the doors, Joe Bonamassa and jet.

sorry for the miss spellings and my english =)

hope you guys can help me find some new great Blues-rock music =D
Radio Moscow , the weeks, John Mayer trio ( not just John Mayer, must add trio), mute math, Johnny Lang, buddy guy, Dan Auerbach solo stuff, Some of muddy waters newer (still very old though) was a little more rocking vs delta acoustic stuff, warren Haynes, wilco: with nils cline lineup, allman brothers, black rebel motorcycle club, my morning jacket, old kings of Leon, in living colour, old red hot chili peppers, Jerry lee Lewis, the kills, elbow, cage the elephant, jimi Hendrix blues is an amazing cd. Some Prince believe it or not, bb king, Albert king, Freddie king, Lonnie Mack , Stevie ray Vaughan, Robert johnson, some bob Dylan, Susan tudesci (derek trucks wife/ he is her guitar player when he isn't doing his own thing),

I like the blues rock too lol
how stupid of me i forgot to add Stevie ray Vaughan xD

is the old red hot chili peppers blues-rock ?

Thanks a lot guys =D
ehh, well I guess its more of a funk rock as a band, but alot of his licks are based in blues/pentatonic...I know frusciante was really into hendrix so alot of his licks and chords are reflective of that.
Rubber Factory and Thickfreakness from The Black Keys might be a good listen for you. I will have to check out Dan's solo stuff....