I am currently using a Valveking 212 combo, and I've been thinking it's time for me to go in a new direction with tone.
For the live shows I played, this amp was never really turned up past half way, so there's a lot of power I'm not using.

My band experiments with all types of genres: blues-rock, psychedelic rock, jazz, and even some progressive rock.

Would this be a good amp for around this price range? I've played one at a local store and I loved it, but I'm just wondering what some of your opinions are.

And also, for genres that we may experiment with and get just a tad bit heavier ( a little more gain), would there be any nice pedals to add to my set up? I already use a Boss Blues Driver pedal and a Sonic stomp.

Look into the Peavey Classic 30, or maybe the Traynor ycv40. As for a dirt pedal, I like my Rat 2.
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I know this was posted a couple days ago, but I didn't want to start a whole new thread. I love the cleans on the Fender Blues Jr III but do you guys think a blues Drive pedal would boost me a sufficient enough amount gain (not too much is required) for some general psychedelic rock songs?
I put the MXR 78 Badass distortion up against the Hyde side of my Jekyll & Hyde and it came away the winner. You might want to check it out. The $40 Guitar Center exclusive MXR Classic Distortion is a good pedal, but if money is no object the Fulltone OCD walks away the winner in that comparison. Also the Ibanez TS9DX is a good version of the TS9. The + mode of the TS9DX was extra ballsy in the low end.

Lastly, the Line 6 M5 has some good Fuzzes and Chandler Tube driver emulation. Plus some really cool mods and delays for that psychedelic stuff. Step up to the M9 and you can get them all going at once.