hey guys , ive been building this guitar , mahogany body , seymour duncans , grover tuners and gibson hardware . I have been building guitars years and want to get rid , around the 300 mark considering the quality gear and it having a hardcase too .. can you give me your thoughts though and dont be too harsh .

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The pictures are a bit blurry. What type of semour duncans, what bridge, and tuners?
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duncan distortion and invader , grover tuners and a b2 saddle i believe. i know pics are blurry and ill get more i just wanted to see what peoples take was
you cant sell guitars in this forum.

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300 of what currency? I'd say it'd be worth that in USD.

This, and it looks okay except that god awful white invader.
i was actually thinking around 300 british pounds , considering all the equipment , finish and case
If it were me, the invader could be a deal breaker. Why did you choose that as your neck pickup?
seemed a good choice , also described as been fantastic for those bends .. i have a bareknuckle that copuld be fitted , so there is room for customising to seal the deal
I, as well as many others, view the invader to be a muddy mess. Also I don't know how good it is for sustain, it seems really artificial to me. Which is the only reason I ask. I don't mean to diss your guitar. Its beautiful, mate.
Why not use a SD-59 or something of the like?
no no thanks , ive been doing customising on all kinds of comissioned projects and this is my fifth build to sell , and always like advice , and input .. its something to look into , i guess wit the distprtion in the bridge thats all thats needed for muddy , distorted guitar playing .
I reckon that's worth £250-£300.

But the pickup rings, toggle surround and scratchplate need to be black to match the binding, it looks a bit mismatched as it is.

The pickups wouldn't be my choice, but they're easily taken out, sold and replaced with something more desirable, so not really a problem.

I take it it's a set neck?
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The Invader in the neck is a terrible Idea. Throw that away and put in something more suitable like a Duncan Alnico II
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The binding looks like a crappy paint job. And your neck pocket looks shoddy at best. You should keep it, because no-one in there right mind would pay you for it, no matter how good you think it is. I'll give you "tree-fiddy" and thats it.
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