Ok so i just got back into playing guitar after taking about a year off. (I broke my wrist and then just didnt feel like playing after it healed) but im back now and ready to rock. I use to be ok i played for like 2 years. I could play alot of GNR songs Nirvana and a couple papa roach licks. Over the last year my interest have changed alot. I still like the bands mentioned before but im also more into heavier stuff now like A7X, Bullet for my Valentine, and Im a huge fan of Randy Rhoads (and Slash) now. So what are some semi easy songs i could learn to get back into this? I have the techniques and stuff still memorized and excercises saved so ill just follow those. Also im not a huge fan of just power chord songs i find it a bitch to play along with the CD and would rather just play the lead to the song when im bored and instantly know what part of the song im at. Or like the intro to Last Resort if im going to play Rhythm. Thanks for reading this and thanks for any help. Im also using a shitty strat and Line 6 spider 3. I know not very metal but hey it can get the job semi done
crazy train - ozzy, love thing - satch and a most a7x minus the solos
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Ill still be able to do this with my SSS strat? Like will it sound good? and i can play the intro to crazy but i cant get the triples in the verse to sound good. Just keep practicing or what?