Lately, to get my bass to go through my amp, I've needed to twist the cable around to a certain angle to get it to connect. I've had this problem with multiple cables, so I'm assuming it's just loose wiring in the bass, or something of that nature. If I were to show this to someone who knows electronics, but not necessarily the electronics of instruments, would they be able to spot a problem?
Clean it. first, it could just be a bit of filth. Spray some contact cleaner onto the plug and work it in and out of the socket a few times. It could be either the socket or the plug but my money is on the plug. So just give it all a good clean.
If that fails, try re-tensioning the socket contact. That simply means grabbing the tongue with a pair of pointy nosed pliers and bending it inwards a bit, don't go overboard.
If that doesn't work, replace the socket.

You have tried another cable haven't you?
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