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I hear you bro, how can any red-blooded male simply ignore such things? :wtf:
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poor you, how about you just stop gawking at her and focus on learning OP? :rolleyes:
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brazzers you say? that's a fantasy of mine...you're living the dream playa! :waldo:
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how come when someone says 'i'm not ___ but..' they usually are? :facepalm:
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keep it in your pants dirtbag. stop being a sexist pig and show her some respect :rant:
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you should report her. she's a hazard in whats supposed to be a learning environment :angel:
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OP, you should :kissass: and leave apples on her desk and shit. i'd do it :baby:
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what the f*ck man...how come i never get teachers like that? :shrug:
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they shouldn't allow a woman to teach if she's past a certain cup size. its too distracting and is a source of conflict for the male students in the class. my business admin teacher is stacked, and i mean STACKED, she looks like she's straight out of a brazzers film. not only that but she dresses a little inapropriately, so often times you'll hear some dudes whisper under their breathe talking about how hot she is, then she has to interrupt the lesson to tell them to shush. her presence itself is disrupting the learning process and instead of soaking in some information, i'm in class daydreaming some porno fantasy.

this isn't fair to me man, get some real teachers here
I win!
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i mean no offense to buttholes and poop or anything

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