I am an intermediate guitar player and I can sightread many songs through tablature and similar, but I am clueless when it comes to playing guitar from reading actual sheet music.

Are there any good articles or good advice anyone can give me on how to change to being able to read sheet music? I can figure out exactly what a piece of sheet music says but I am not good at translating that onto the guitar.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
Buy a book (William Leavitt's Modern Method and Music Reading by David Oakes are both good, filled with sheet music to practice) and get a good teacher if you can. Practice reading music everyday - practice music you have never heard before, dont be a perfectionist, dont spend long on the piece you are working through and dont study the same piece twice in the same week (you are practicing reading the paper so you should not know the melody). And practice everyday. Buying some sort of Real Book will give you more material to practice.

The lessons on this site come highly recommended by smart dudes on this site, I have found the note trainer and key sig trainer tools useful.

And practice everyday - and I'm being a hypocrite here, for far too long have I been a lazy beginner of sight reading, the truth is it can be hard and demotivating (struggling with simple melodies while you'd rather play fast solos), although the rewards of being a better musician will surely be worth it. My previous teacher assured me that once you get past the initial uphill struggle (and daily practice really is key for this) and get fairly fluent then practising becomes a far more enjoyable and rewarding experience, although I am not at that point yet. Good luck, and wish me the same in the same task.
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